Sculpture, Mold and Casting

We have all the equipment to make any size sculpture needed.

Welding & Metal Work

We have professional welders to do any type of metal work and welding needed.

Set Construction

We have all necessary equipment to make anywhere from small scale sets to entire movie sets.

Paint & Scenic Design

We have an expert team of artisans for all your scenic painting needs.

CNC Router

We are equipped with two CNC Routers for the most precise precision cutting.

CAD & 3D Models

Our staff is well versed in various software including Sketch Up to give high quality renderings of projects.

Prop Fabrication

Our facilities allow us to create props of any size.

Fine Art

Have a concept but can't just put your finger on it to make it come to life? We have a creative team that can walk you through various art designs!

CNC Laser Cutting & Engraving

Our CNC Laser Cutting machine gives perfect precision cuts on almost every material.

CNC Hot Wire

Our CNC Hot Wire machine cuts foam into any shape or size.

CNC Plasma Cutting

With our CNC Plasma Cutter, we are able to cut steel and metal into any custom designs.


Our electrical engineers specialize in automation, motion control and pneumatic equipment.


Our state-of-the-art vacuform machine allows us to wrap and coat any project we have perfectly!